Masonry Contractor in Cape Coral FL

What Does A Mason Do?

As tradespeople, masons typically work with a range of materials such as bricks, stones, and concrete to build and or install patios, retaining walls, chimneys, or entire houses. However, their expertise has remained mostly untapped by homeowners despite their ability to add value and improve the aesthetics of homes. Even a simple feature such as a concrete pathway or stone veneer accent wall can enhance the curb appeal of a space.

Masons can specialize in any, some, or all of the following specialties:

  • Bricks,
  • Stones, and or
  • Concrete. 

Stone Masons – Stoneworkers specialize in working with natural, manufactured, or veneer products to create different stone installations. Some of the common installations made using the stones include interior and exterior walls, facades, and flooring. Stoneworkers have an intricate understanding of how to manipulate stone materials to suit any look and design as well as fit any space.


Brick Masons – Brick masons, on the other hand, specialize in using bricks for construction purposes. Commonly referred to as “bricklayers,” they use the different types of bricks, including whether it is manufactured, real, solid, or veneer brick. The process of bricklaying involves careful attention to detail to ensure the lines are uniform and for the avoidance of costly mistakes. Common home features that use bricks include chimneys, walls, columns, and fireplaces.

Concrete Masonry ContractorsConcrete masons specialize in block and poured concrete. Pouring concrete also entails leveling the ground, managing weather’s effects on the curing concrete, and finishing the concrete slab. Concrete masons are also specialists in metal reinforcements that are used to support concrete installations. Some of the projects that concrete masons specialize in include sidewalks, driveways, walls, and columns. 

For indoor applications, homeowners can have veneer products installed to improve the esthetics of their indoor spaces. Veneers weigh less than natural bricks or stones, making them easier to install and maintain. Moreover, it’s much cheaper as it contains lower natural brick or stone content. It is also easier to transport.


Fireplaces And Chimney Masonry

Fireplaces are not just a hole that you use to burn wood and keep yourself warm. Often, they can serve as a true hearth for your living room. That said, you need professional masons to install the fireplace to accrue all the benefits expected from a fireplace. In many regards, your fireplace is a great place to showcase authentic masonry workmanship.


Patios And Walkways

A professional mason can help transform your backyard into a connected space, thereby giving you more living and usable spaces by adding stone or brick walkways and a patio. You can go further by incorporating professional concrete works into your landscaping project, which adds curb appeal and value to your property.


Retaining Or Garden Walls

Retaining or garden walls are short walls designed to hold sloping lawns or frame gardens. You can use bricks, natural stone, or veneer surrounded by a concrete core.


Stone Or Brick Steps

On average, the cost of the stone steps installation project is $2,200. However, it can range from $1,000 to $12,000, with each step costing between $150 and $300.

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