Concrete Slab Contractor in Cape Coral FL

The results that we provide for our Cape Coral area clients are great proof that here at Cape Coral Concrete Services we take much pride in our work. We furnish our clients with a wide range of essential services which include sidewalks, patios, driveways, and slab work. We are excited to become your partners as we deliver on all of your concrete flatwork needs to level of quality that you can count on and a budget that you can afford.

  • Garage Slabs
    Garage slabs are typically 4 inches thick and have turned down edges that are normally 12 inches thick. The thickness, as well as other necessary materials to ensure concrete structural integrity, can be determined by the size of vehicles that will be kept in the garage.
  • Hand Trowel Finish
    In Cape Coral, hand trowel finish is one choice of concrete slabs. The process makes use of a steel trowel that densifies the surface to give a finish which is smooth and hard.
  • Broom Finish
    As described by the term, broom finishes make use of a broom to drag across the concrete in Cape Coral home, this process gives a uniform finish. Visually, this finish is attractive, however it also plays a role in traction and drainage.
  • Decorative Finish
    Concrete flooring which falls into the decorative category is appealing, long-lasting, economical; and does not require a high level of maintenance.

Warranty For Workmanship

At Cape Coral Concrete Services, every task which is carried out is done so to a substantial workmanship level, as well as under standard practices. To ensure that all of our clients receive the highest possible quality project, we work closely with both our material suppliers and our concrete producer.

That being said, human beings are the ones who create all of our concrete work, hence small imperfections are naturally to be expected.

There are many factors that are not within our control but can be damaging to concrete. De-icers, equipment and chemicals are to name just a few.

  • Cracking
    Indeed, cracking and concrete go hand in hand. It is simply the nature of concrete. It is the degree of cracking which is defined in the warranty. Cracks that are considered normal are those which do not exceed half of an inch in height or gap, according to the concrete construction industry.
  • Settling & Shifting
    Concreted does settle and shift. It does not matter how much we compact the soil, concrete slabs will settle. Since we cannot control soils we do not provide a warranty for shifting and settling.
  • Popping & Flaking
    Stones can become exposed due to weathering, however, the integrity of the slab is not compromised. Flaking and popping which is less than 20% of the slab surface is deemed normal in the concrete construction industry.
  • Discoloration
    All concrete mix designs vary. It is not possible to match an existing concrete ix design to perfection. We do not provide a warrant that any of our work will be an exact match to an existing product.

Boasting skilled engineers, a varied background and a willingness to go above and beyond Cape Coral Concrete Services are your top choice for concrete service in Cape Coral. Get in touch today at 239-307-2578 and we will provide you with a free estimate.