Concrete Sidewalks Contractors in Cape Coral FL

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Sidewalks For Your Cape Coral Home

There are plenty of reasons why concrete is the preferred material in the construction of sidewalks in Cape Coral.


  • For starters, concrete is affordable. For the most cost-effective sidewalk, concrete is the best material to use.


  • There is also the benefit of flexibility that comes with the material. You can use concrete to install sidewalks bearing almost any design and shape. Whether you want a straight or curved pathway, you can use concrete in your construction project.


  • If you want a durable sidewalk, you should note that no other material offers the superior durability that concrete does. Concrete will withstand the elements and the wear and tear induced by foot traffic for many years, all the while performing well.


  • There is also the added advantage of reduced maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional crack repairs and sealing will suffice to keep the sidewalk in tip-top condition.


As a bonus, you have the option to customize the color and design of your concrete sidewalk. The combination of colored and stamped finishing will create a unique walkway that complements the overall design of your property.

What Causes Concrete Cracking

Unfortunately, you cannot pinpoint the exact cause of cracking on any concrete surface. There are a plethora of causes that affect the surface. Some of the reasons include:


Lacking A Stone Base
A crushed stone base protects a concrete slab from the forces emanating from the environment, such as water erosion of the subgrade or soil movement.


Missing Control Joints
Control joints are the characteristic lines that are tooled or cut into a slab of concrete during the installation process. The joints are designed to aid the concrete slab to crack in a controlled and pre-planned manner.


Missing Construction Joints
Construction joints are used to connect two separate slabs, thereby preventing the two concrete slabs from slipping and pushing against one another. Such slippage and subsequent pushing can cause cracking and create a tripping hazard.


Use Of Wrong Concrete Mix
When designing a concrete mix, you have to account for the water content, temperature, and even air, and all components have to be right. As such, the contractor has to source the concrete mix from experienced and knowledgeable companies, thereby reducing the chances of cracking.

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