Concrete Resurfacing Contractor on Cape Coral FL

Over the life of a concrete structure, you need it to perform its function without fail. However, even with the exceptional durability of concrete where it can last for decades, you have to be aware of the fact that it will crack at a point or another. This is where high-quality concrete resurfacing systems and services like ours come in.

It’s Available For Everyone

Concrete resurfacing is a safe and affordable flooring solution for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Some of the application of the resurfacing solutions include:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pool decking where it is used to repair delicate concrete slab 
  • In educational facilities, owing to its affordability in repairing damaged concrete

Concrete Resurfacing - The Affordable Solution

While concrete floor resurfacing will freshen up your industrial, commercial, or residential property, it will also ensure the stories remain in good working order.

Driveways – Tearing up an old worn out, cracked, weathered driveway is an expensive undertaking. A better alternative is concrete resurfacing. As such, if you notice stress cracks, consider repairing them before they become unrepairable. During and after the resurfacing process, you can also customize your driveway even further.

Patios – Patios offer a serene place for people to relax. As such, your patio will experience high traffic. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, you should consider resurfacing it right away. And just like with driveways, you should consider customizing the patio while the resurfacing is on-going. 

Pool Decks – In many cases, the pool deck is left exposed to bear the brunt of the elements. As such, the pool deck is one place most susceptible to concrete cracking. If your pool deck show sign of cracking, our resurfacing specialists are ready to breathe a new lease of life to the deck. Keep in mind that concrete removal can cause risk to sensitive installations around the pool, making resurfacing the best option.

Sidewalks – The sidewalk to your property will receive equal, if not more, traffic than your driveway. Moreover, the path is also exposed to the snow-melting salt during winter. The combination of heavy traffic, the element, and chemicals such as salts decrease the strength and durability of the concrete, increasing the chances of cracking.

Garage Floor – Another area of residential or commercial property that is exposed to harsh treatment is the garage floor. It is exposed to oils, chemicals, and solid particles that affect the story. If a garage floor does not have a protective coating, it deteriorates fast, resulting in cracks, gouges, and divots. If you have a worn-out garage floor, it is time to consider resurfacing the deck.

Our team of experts has an intricate understanding of all matters, concrete, and concrete resurfacing. Importantly, we render client-centric services, which means we always go the extra mile to meet your needs. You can trust Cape Coral Concrete Services with all your Cape Coral resurfacing needs. Reach us at 239-307-2578.