Concrete Pool Deck Contractor in Cape Coral FL

Decorative concrete pool decks are amongst the biggest trends today in the world of outdoor design- this being a multipurpose area around a pool that can provide a place to sunbathe, entertain or just lounge around. Certainly, pool decks may function the same way a patio does, however, slip resistance, and sun reflectivity mean they have their own unique set of requirements.

Thanks to decorative concrete, pool decks can now complement the appearance of the home by mimicking materials that are more expensive, such as wood or stone.


The number one reason that property owners opt for concrete curbing is that they are fed up replacing landscape edging that has become broken or rusted. For such a long term issue, concrete curbing is the ideal choice.

So long as the concrete is still sound from a structural perspective, there are several ways that a pool deck can be repaired so that it does not become an ugly eyesore. The options range from color enhancement to a full resurface, depending on the budget, as well as the condition of the existing concrete.


The best results will come from removing all unsound concrete and filling in noticeable cracks before the repair work commences. For pool decks that do not sloped correctly or that are settling, diversion of the water runoff, as well as re-leveling of the surface will need to be carried out first.


  • Resurfacing For Concrete Pool Decks – Resurfacing with a concrete overlay or microtopping is the best option for pool decks that are suffering from cracking, scaling or spalling. As well as covering up the existing flaws this will also give the pool appearance an upgrade by adding color and texture. Certain systems are specifically for pool deck resurfacing and will provide better slip resistance as well as heat reflection.
  • Recoloring – Even though the majority of concrete stains, integral pigments and color hardeners are durable, when years of neglect are at play, an effect is inevitable. Sun exposure, weathering and pool chemicals can all be causes of discoloration.

Thankfully, the concrete color can usually be revived by a new coat being applied, either of acid or of water-based stain. To ensure that your pool deck area stays beautiful for years to come it is wise to use UV-Resistant staining coupled with a good sealer.

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