Concrete Pavers Contractor in Cape Coral FL

Why Should Concrete Pavers Be Used?

Concrete Pavers are long-lasting, as well as being flexible and having low maintenance needs. Compared to poured concrete, concrete pavers have a higher load-bearing capacity. In addition, expansion, as well as contraction, is allowed for when using concrete pavers. Such a degree of flexibility means that cracking, a common issue with concrete slabs is prevented. A good level of drainage is also provided thanks to the mortarless joints between the concrete pavers. Hence erosion caused by run-off can be prevented. 

Points To Consider For Paver Installation

Regardless of whether the underlying sub-grade is deemed suitable or not, a proper base material is always necessary. The grade needs to be adjusted to allow for proper drainage.

Keep in mind that once the sand bedding has been installed and leveled there should be no disturbance until the pavers are laid.

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