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Concrete Foundation

A foundation is the main element of a structure. It anchors the entire structure of a building to the ground. Foundations are essential to the stability of a structure. Additionally, it distributes the structure’s load over a large area, thereby negating overloading.


Concrete foundations are a sturdy and robust foundation. As such, they are useful in stabilizing a building. Moreover, since the material is durable, a concrete foundation can last decades, which in turn allows the entire structure to last equally long. 

Types Of Concrete Foundation

  • T-Shaped
    The T-shaped foundation is a traditional foundation method typically used in regions where the soil freezes. Walls are added to footings that are built below the maximum ground depth onto soil that does not freeze during winter. In t-shaped foundations, the footing installed must be wider than walls, thereby supporting the walls at the base. The building process involves installing the footing first, and then the walls are poured into place. The final step is installing the slab.
  • Slab On Grade Foundation
    With the Slab on Grade foundation, the concrete foundation slab is poured directly to the ground, rather than on supporting footing. Additionally, the slab edges are poured thicker than the rest, thereby providing support for the entire structure.
  • That said, this type of foundation is not perfect for all kinds of soils and or regions. This is because concrete is in direct contact with the earth. You should use this type of foundation in areas with warm climates where is there is a risk of the ground freezing. Additionally, the city should have a low risk of flooding as the foundation is at risk of flooding.
  • Raft Foundation
    In Raft Foundation, the entire structure rests on one concrete slab. Unlike the slab-on-grade foundations where the base slab supports the load from the lower part of the structure, the raft foundation is constructed to support the weight from the entire structure. To this end, the slab supports the load from the lower levels of the structure, while columns transfer the pressure from the upper floor. For reinforcement, ribs or beams are built into the foundation. Raft foundations are used when the soil load-bearing capacity is reduced.

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