Concrete Driveway Contrctor in Cape Coral FL

Cape Coral Concrete Services is the to-got-to in Cape Coral, concrete driveway specialist, when you need a top-notch service provider. Given that you are spending your hard-earned money, you should never settle for anything but the best workmanship and services when it comes to this (or any other) concrete job.

Your concrete driveway needs to serve two masters effectively; it has to be beautiful and functional at the same time. As the top concrete contractor in Cape Coral, we will exceed your expectations when it comes to delivering optimal results.

A picture of a recently refinished driveway.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Quality Concrete Driveway

Quality made concrete driveways have a lot to offer to Cape Coral homeowners.


  • For starters, concrete driveways are renowned for their durability — this especially the case when you have quality driveway installation and proper periodic maintenance. You enjoy longevity and consistency in performance all through the long life of the driveway, which can last up to 50 years.


  • Concrete is also stellar material to cover a large surface area, should you need a large driveway.


  • Its medium pricing range also makes concrete driveways attainable for most households. Granted, it is more expensive than asphalt and gravel; it is far cheaper than cobblestone or bricks.


  • You can reinforce concrete driveways by adding steel metal reinforcement rebar or wires, enhancing its durability and weight-bearing properties.


  • Concrete is a versatile material. You can pour the concrete in any shape that you need your driveway to have, including curved driveways.


  • While you might get away with a lack of maintenance, it is always best to make an effort to maintain the concrete driveway. That said, you do not have to fret over the support as it is minimal. You just have to keep it clean and surface sealed.


  • You also benefit from the material properties that concrete offers. For instance, concrete absorbs fewer UV rays compared to other materials such as asphalt, resulting in lower temperatures. As such, concrete driveways are safer for pet and foot traffic. The driveway also experiences far less expansion and contraction rates and cycles, allowing it to last longer.


The vast majority of property owners think of concrete as a durable material to keep around, which is a wrong assumption. However, to ensure your concrete driveway lasts longer while servicing its purpose, you ought to keep the driveway clean and sealed. To this end, give your concrete driveway a good scrubbing with a stiff brush and a hose for the cleaning. 


After that, add a layer of concrete sealer to protect the surface of the concrete. For the best results, add a layer of specific seal once every year, generally during fall. Adding the thickness of the concrete sealer during fall will help protect the material from harsh winters and the corrosive snow-melting salt.


However, concrete driveways are robust. When appropriately installed on a strong base and reinforced with steel metal rebar, they can stand up to excessively heavy vehicles. For the best concrete driveways, hire the best concrete installation services provider Cape Coral Concrete Services. Get your free consultation today and make the first step in your journey to the durable driveway.

With experienced engineers, a diverse background, and a willingness to meet customers’ needs, Cape Coral Concrete Services is the premier concrete driveway contractor in Cape Coral. Call us today at 239-307-2578 for an in-depth free consultation.