Concrete Curbing Contractor in Cape Coral FL


The addition of borders and curbing can be all that it takes to transform the landscape of your home. In fact, it is these touches that can make or break the appearance of your home.

Why should you consider concrete landscape curbing?

The number one reason that property owners opt for concrete curbing is that they are fed up replacing landscape edging that has become broken or rusted. For such a long term issue, concrete curbing is the ideal choice.

Installing Landscape Borders

  • Firstly, both the sod cutting, as well as the ground preparation are completed hence the landscape is ready for curb installation.


  • Secondly, a self-contained trailer is used to mix the concrete and color is added to suit the job. The mixture will look like wet sand, being a dry mix.


  • The mixed concrete is then wheeled to site and fed into a machine that will then extrude it into a continuous border.

Will My Landscape Be Affected If I Replace Existing Edges With Concrete Curbings?

The current edging will be removed by the installer and a 9 inch strip of sod will be cut away from the use of the current landscaping. This means that the curb can be extruded against the edge you currently have in place.

Will It Be Possible To Mow Up Against The Curbing?

The curbing will not be damaged by your motor’s blades, hence you can mow right up to the curbing meaning you won’t have to spend as much time weeding your landscaped areas.

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